More Water Line…

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By Heather

The boys took advantage of the nice weather to finish the water line for the new barn. All they need to do now is hook it up tomorrow morning. Hoping all goes well!

They had to get the Dozer out to push dirt to find the old water line. This is Joe’s favorite part; I think he could push dirt all day and come home happy.

Jim and Clint were probing for the water line. I know it looks like Clint is doing all the work, but Jim was supervising which is the most important job. Lol

After they found the old water line, they trenched their way to the new water line to hook them both together.

They had a busy day, but they couldn’t have asked for better weather to work in.

And of course they had these handsome helpers as well. Jake was ready to drive people around and Ty was ready for Dad to tell him when he needed some dirt moved.
I hope everyone else had as great of a day as we did!

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