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After weaning all the Werner Family Angus calves last week, we decided to wean the Larson calves as well.

Hello, Rhett and Diz!

Hello, Matt and Haidas! Don’t stick your tongue out at me, son. Didn’t your momma teach you any manners…

Hello, Abby and Deucer. How are you this fine day?

So we gathered all the cows and got to work.

Grampy helped us get them up, too. We had to move them past a corn field and thought we’d need all the help we could get.

And into the pens they go!

Hello, Will and Snort! You’re looking fine this nice day.

Hello, bulls at the beef center. You see, after we got all the cattle in the lot, Abby and I went to get all the medicine and chute area ready. Then I sent Abby back down with the camera and she got some pictures of the guys sorting the cows…among other things.

But here they are sorting pairs. Rhett and Matt would take up some cows and calves, and then Grampy and Will would sort them.

It worked like a charm.

This picture cracked me up, too. Like father like son, they say.
And I thought I would just show you this angle as opposed to showing you what Will was really up to. That might not go so well over a cup of coffee. Lol.
Hope you have a great day!

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