Moving Cows

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Grammy, Grampy, Ashtyn, and I moved a group of cows the other day. It’s Spring Break and we have gotten a lot of work done with all the extra hands we have around here. Except on this day, all the other kids were in Maryville at Aunt Beck’s so that left Ashtyn as our lone helper. (She didn’t spend the night in Maryville because she had to be back for church.)

The drive went along very smoothly.

But then, we came to The Bridge. I hate this bridge. It is an old, wooden, rickety bridge that has the railing knocked off one side. And it scares me to death. I have dreams about bridges like this that as I’m driving across it, the boards start falling away. You’ve had that dream, right? Well, this bridge is where it all comes from.

And I should have taken a picture of the bridge itself so you could see what I’m talking about, but I was too scared.

Thankfully the cows crossed it without any hesitation. And after the cows went across, Grammy bravely crossed it in front of Ashtyn and I so we could see there was nothing to worry about☺ And we were on with the drive!

It was a very pretty, peaceful drive and a fun way to spend the afternoon.

Have a great day!

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