Moving Cows to Stalks

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We moved a bunch of cows around this weekend. Most of the crops are out of the field now, so it is the perfect time to move cows to stalk fields.

We like to utilize stalk fields in the fall and winter. It works well on many fronts. First, the grass has stopped growing, so fresh grazing is always a plus. Second, the cows act as gleaners in the field and pick up any corn or beans the combines missed. Plus, the area we live in is rolling with plenty of grass waterways and ditches for the cattle to graze. We can usually run the cattle on stocks for several months which extends our grazing season quite a bit.

This wasn’t actually one of the stalk fields we moved the cows to yesterday, but it was the best picture I had of what a typical stalk field looks like.

It looks rather dull and colorless compared to the pastures, but the cows love it which makes it a win-win for the cattle and the cattlemen. I love when that happens.

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