Moving Day!

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Back when Christmas break was still in session and Papa Jim had a few extra hands. He, Matt, and Cody moved the yearling fall bulls to the home place to be sorted into their sell pens for viewing.  They got them moved before the snowstorm hit, but it was still chilly weather!

These poor girls can attest to that.  When we heard that the boys were moving 90 bulls across a hayfield on horses we just had to have pictures!  So we talked Aunt Heather into taking them for us.  Our excuse was a legitimate one because the rest of us were working cattle.  The boys called and said they were off, so Aunt Heather loaded up to snap a few quick photos.  Only…  She was called into duty and asked to help with the cattle drive.  So, their quick outing turned into a longer one.  The girls learned to huddle together AND to never expect to slip away unnoticed.  There will always be something you can lend a helping hand with. 😊

Good job boys!  Keep a moving.

The report was that the bulls moved excellently.  If you’re interested in the fall bulls, keep an eye on the Bulls for Sale page on our website.  A flyer will be posted soon!

Have a good day!

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