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After a wet, cool spring, and a couple rounds of hail, my garden has finally taken off.  This past week of 90+ degree weather has really made it pop.

Here are my onions.  I love them.  I plant them in double rows.  I’ve planted Copra onions for several year.  They keep forever and I love the flavor.  But this year, I tried a variety that is supposed to be even better.  Time will only tell!

I also plant red onions which I use up first.  They are delicious, too.

Here’s my 4th of July tomato.  I’m not sure I’ll have any tomatoes ready by then, but it won’t be long!

And imagine my surprise last night when I checked on my green beans and found these.  Wow!  I’ve planted Blue Lake green beans for years, but this year as I was buying my seeds, an older gentleman talked me into trying a different variety.  But do you think I can remember what they are called?!  I think they are Jade green beans, but I could be wrong.  I really wish I could remember what they are because so far, I really like them.

And finally, here’s Buster and my corn.  Now he looks like a sweet, innocent dog in this picture.  But what I was trying to show you was how he goes around and “waters” my garden.  This dog “waters” everything.  In fact, Matt won’t eat the lettuce out of my garden for this very reason.

So there is my garden tour for the day!  I’ll try to post some pictures of it throughout the summer.

Hope you have a great week!

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  1. Your garden looks great. I bet Carolyn is sure glad that she is there when you have green beans. Enjoy all your hard work.

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