My Nature Trail Companions

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I took these little squirts with me to the Nature Trail this week.

Oh, did we have fun.

Although I may not take them again.  Lol.  They really upped my exercise level.  See, I’m quite content just to jog down the hill and then walk back up.  But that’s not really an option with these two.  With these two, it’s more go-fast-or-go-home.  Not that my fast is really that fast…it’s just faster than normal.  With these two along, they really put the word “work” in workout.

So when we got back to the caboose at the beginning of the trail, I was quite content to let them blow off some more steam while I caught my breath.  (Seriously, where do they get their energy?!)  Oh, they invited me to play, bless their hearts, but I was pretty much out of gas.

They discovered this great game where they could jump back and forth between the platforms.

I will say that it did cross my mind that there was a pretty strong chance they could get hurt.  But I was too winded to really stop them.  Plus, there’s a hospital just next to the trail, so I figured we were safe.

Don’t worry, Heather, your kids are always in good, attentive, focused, watchful hands when they’re with me.

Have a great day!

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