My Peas

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I planted some sugar snap peas this spring and am so excited about them! (And please don’t tell Will I was too lazy to string a line to plant them in a straight row. Wow. I thought my eyeball was good enough, but unfortunately I was wrong. Oops!)

Anyway, this is my second attempt at sugar snap peas and I am much more optimistic about these. The last time I tried them, I planted them in May and it just got too hot for them.

And in case you’re wondering what all the dead, stick-looking things are in my garden, that is my cover crop. My garden is a mini test plot for Will so we experiment with different types of cover crops and planting times on my garden before we try it out in a large field.

This year I planted tillage radishes, forage turnips, and oats as my cover crop. It’s the oats that you see still standing. And so far, this has been my favorite cover crop.

One time we planted rye as our cover crop with the intention or crimping it when it got big enough to kill it. Unfortunately, it got too big too fast and I ended up having to pull it all by hand. That was an adventure that we didn’t do again!

I’ll keep you posted on my garden throughout the summer because gardening is one of my favorite things to do.

Have a great day!

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