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This may just be me, but I have always thought that people who are really into fitness walk a tad funny. I always had it in my head that they are either strutting their stuff because they know they look better than me. Or it just must take a certain walk to carry all that muscle around.

Well, here recently, I have started to work out and try to get into shape and I have found out the real reason why! They are always in a lot of pain and there is only one way to avoid grimacing or moaning with every step you take and it just happens to look like a strut!

I always kept my mouth shut about thinking these beautiful, in-shape people were strutting their stuff since my brother just happens to be one of them. He is a personal trainer and in order to make sure he doesn’t get mad at me from me telling him he is walking funny, I just kept quiet.

Well today, after a week of his workouts, I just couldn’t stop it from coming out! I asked him if he was always in pain and that’s why he walks funny and is there an end to my misery? While laughing, he informed me that I am right; he is in pain some of the time from working out hard all day every day. He has never noticed that he walks funny, but he is in pain every now and then, too.

Then he asked me what my address was. I asked him, “Why? Are you planning on sending someone to put me out of my misery?” Because right now that doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I am pretty sure my kids will miss me, but at this point go for it! I still have no idea why he wants my address but he tried comforting me by telling me that this will end and I won’t be in pain all the time and not to give up, it will be worth it in the end!

So good news kids, mommy will be around for a lot longer than what it looked like this morning! And if you see me strutting my stuff, don’t worry, I do not think I look better than you I am just in a whole lot of pain!

I tried to find a picture of someone who is in shape strutting their stuff. I even tried a cartoon picture of strutting and, trust me on this, you do not want to look up either one! I doubt I will be sleeping for a week with some of the pictures that came up. I thought I would save you and instead have a picture of a bull full of muscle and strutting his stuff!

Have a great day!

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