Nevada Trip- Part 3 – By: Lindsay Hays

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Today I’ll tell you about Zion National Park. It was gorgeous! They had snow there while we were visiting.

There was a pretty river that Matt and Cody checked out for us.

The scenery was so pretty! It would change just from one side of the road or another.

We hiked some trails.

We saw a few waterfalls.

Pretty snow covered mountains.

We were on the other side of the park when I took this picture, so different!

We saw some mountain sheep.

Aunt Carolyn drove us through a really long tunnel, through a mountain. The only problem was that it was pitch black, aside from head lights, and she had her sunglasses on. So we were about to enter the tunnel and she told the girls in the back that her glasses were in the front pocket of the backpack. The girls went to work on it.

Aunt Carolyn pretty calmly says, “I can’t see anything.”

Wow. Ok she need’s these glasses ASAP! We were all thinking. The girls hurriedly searched the bag. Aunt Carolyn told us again with a little more urgency that she couldn’t see anything. The energy level in the car quickly rose, and for your information the tunnel is not wide. There is just enough room for two cars to fit by. Anything wider and they have to direct traffic for one way through the tunnel. OK back to the story. The girls got the glasses and I quickly passed them up to Rhett. He started to hand the case to her, but remember she couldn’t see and she was driving. I told him to get the glasses out for her and she traded glasses and praise the Lord she could see again! I will commend Aunt Carolyn for staying clam through the whole process.

We had a great time at the park, and it was so pretty! I still haven’t showed you Hoover Dam. After that I’ll be done!

Have an awesome day!

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