October Test

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October is the start of the “busy season” at the feed efficiency testing center. We have the barns full of bulls to be tested and Wednesday was the day to give them their vaccines and EIDs. Dad is the one who keeps cattle to us and works them up the alley.

Mom took tissue samples from the ear to be sent in and tested for Persistently Infected BVD. (PI Testing). (And please disregard the string of snot escaping from this bull’s nose. Two of the vaccines we gave them that day were nasalgens, which are basically like an intranasal mist we humans use. Anyway, Logan had just administered the nasalgen, and then the bull decided to blow his nose. And I happened to snap the photo mid-blow…oops.)

We also gave them two shots, put their EID (electronic identification) tags in, and weighed them. This is not their on-test weight as they have a two to three week warm up period before they start their official test.

We got all the cattle worked and the best part was we didn’t have any fireworks. You know, the kind of fireworks that can sometimes go off when husband and wife work together?!

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