Odds and Ends

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Ok, this is the last blog I’m doing on our weekend. Here we go!

One morning Mom put the boys to work by doing settings check in the office. They each had a job and made it through all the images in a jiffy. I think the reason they did jobs down there is because they wanted some candy or a pop. If you want to get a sweet treat from the office Mom will put you to work. I guess it’s her little trick. ☺

After Rhett had left, the boys got some “wild game”. I made it into a stew for lunch. Cody thought it was delicious and he could eat it every day in fact. Matt thought it was good. I got a “decent” from Abby and Matt informed me that that’s pretty hard to get. Jessica gave me a thumbs up, but I’m not sure how real that was. The girls did end up eating their bowl full though.

I will say I was wondering what the boys would have for me to cook the next day. I had already fried some fish and hushpuppies, then I made a stew, I was wondering what would be next, but we decided we would just be normal. ☺ I did have lots of fun making it all though!

Last thing. Abby was making signs or something for the family members, and decided to make one for Matt and Cody’s dream ranch in Montana. Matt and Cody have had this dream for a while and when they get together they like to talk about it. In the dream, I’m going along to keep everything running! The boys will ride their buckskin horses all day on the range to check all the cattle. All I have to do is cook, clean, do laundry, gather the eggs, milk the cow, do paperwork, help work cattle when needed, do all the gardening, canning, ext.
The boys assured me that after they get wives, the wives could help me with all the work! They are so thoughtful.

Ok, so now you know about their dream. Abby called Matt and Cody to come check out their sign. They came in, glanced at it, then Matt said, “shouldn’t it be CML, for Cody, Matt and Lindsay.” I thought it was so sweet of him! It will be fun to see what we all end up doing!

Have a great day!

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