Oh the Difference a Week Makes

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This was taken a week ago. It was cold and snowy.

I had pretty much given up on spring ever arriving. It’s just been so cold for so long. I wasn’t even getting the “Gardening Bug.”

But thankfully, that all changed this week. We have had three days of nice weather…in a row!

And a sure sign of spring to me is when Matt changes from his felt cowboy hat to his straw hat. And I’ll be darned if he wasn’t wearing his straw hat this week. I was so overjoyed by this change in temperature that I planted my garden. Just the early stuff like lettuce, potatoes, and peas along with a couple new items this year-Brussel spouts and kale. I was impressed the Brussel sprout seeds made it to the garden as there were various attempts to eradicate it from my seed stash by numerous members of my family. Apparently, I’m the only one who likes them…who knew? But, I’ve never grown them before, so there is a very high chance of crop failure. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share that we have finally had a few days of spring-like weather. Unfortunately, the forecast has another chance of snow for the weekend and highs in the 30’s, but this little taste of spring gives me hope. And hope is a good thing.

Have a great day!

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