Old Arena Pictures- Continued by: Lindsay Hays

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Here is a funny story! The pictures could tell most of the story.

Like I said earlier, we would go to the arena a lot and just hang out. One night Uncle Joe was showing off a new trick he could do. Let me show it to you.

He would run up, grab the saddle horn, and swing himself in the saddle without using the stirrups! Part of the accomplishment was his horse sanding there. ☺

OK. You get the gist. But, then his competitive sister had to try! Let’s see how it turned out. ☺

Oh! That didn’t quite go as planned!!! Maybe if she tries again! If you look closely, you can see her feet left the ground. (Sorry, Aunt Bon)☺

Ahh, not quite! Nice try though! At least you had fun! Right, Aunt Bon!?!? Are you wondering who the cute little baby is that Uncle Joe’s holding? It’s Abby! Can you believe it???

Fun stories!

Have an awesome day!

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