Old Pictures form the Arena by: Lindsay Hays

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I’ve been looking back through some of our old pictures! I think that is always a fun thing to do! One thing that we did a lot “back then” was have get-togethers at the arena across the road form Papa Jim and Grammy’s old house (Uncle Joe and Aunt Heather live in it now).

Everybody rode or hauled their horses up to the arena and the night of fun got started!

This is Jessica on Black Beauty.

Mattie Mo!

Dad and Cody

Me (Wow! Who chose this outfit?) ☺

Rhett on Bob!


There would be a bale to rope, to have a friendly competition!

There are a lot more pictures, but this is a start! It’s fun to look back and see how everyone has changed! There are a few more “arena” traditions, maybe I’ll get them put together in a blog!
Have a great day!

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