Online Shopping Party!

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On Friday afternoon, Mom, Heather, Beck, and I got together for our first annual Online Shopping Party! You see, none of us really enjoy shopping. And when you throw in driving in the city and negotiating all the people, we are pretty much miserable. It just isn’t our cup of tea.

So earlier this year we decided we would all meet at Beck’s and do our Christmas shopping there–online. Beck’s office was the perfect setting as it has multiple computers in one room, plus she has high speed internet!

And, it was Greek night at our favorite restaurant in Maryville, so we ordered the most delicious take out. YUM!

We spent a couple hours shopping. We asked each other for gift ideas for different family members. We saw some hilarious gift ideas after innocently googling various items. We stuffed ourselves on Greek take-out. We laughed. We talked. We got distracted and looked at old pictures of Joe on Facebook. We just had a great time!

I hope all of you are having a good time with your Christmas shopping! And remember Christ is the real reason for the season!

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