Our Little Getaway

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Last weekend Joe, the kids and I decided to go on a little trip in Des Moines. It actually was more like I was going crazy stuck inside all the time and I really needed to just get away! I don’t want to get away from my babies or even Joe, but apparently around this time of year I have to have a change of scenery. Two nights away usually does the trick!

We really didn’t do a lot, I mean what can you really do with 4 little ones when it is this cold out? If anyone has any ideas please share! The first day after we had our bellies full we went to Monkey Joes, this place has a bunch of inflatables and the kids absolutely loved it! They jumped and played until they just couldn’t anymore. That’s when we decided to go check into our hotel room. We relaxed for about 5 minutes and then the kids wanted to go swimming. That night they were tuckered out!

That is also the only time I got pictures of them that weren’t blurry. They were at max speed all day and never settled down until bed time.

Everyone was out! Our room had a “living room” area and that is where the kids slept. The first night we had Jake and Emma in the pull out bed. We heard a very loud “GET OFF!” from Emma. I go in to investigate and I find Jake had found himself a very comfortable, but cranky pillow.

So needless to say the next night we switched bed partners. We didn’t have any problems after that!

It was great to get away even if it wasn’t very far and wasn’t very long. It was nice to be home and back to my usual routine. Next year around this time I am sure I am going to be in need of another getaway!

Lol look at that hair! You have got to love her!

I hope everyone is staying warm!

Have a great day!

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