Overabundance of Buns – By: Heather

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The week before the cow sale, Joe and Jim went to Creston. I had planned to go the next day to get groceries and I asked Joe to look to see what they had for hoagie buns on hand, so I know if I should call and order the amount I needed or if we would be alright if he grabbed some and then I got the rest the next day. What I got was 80 brat buns brought to me that night and 180 more brat buns ordered to be ready for the next day.

I only freaked out a little bit! I liked the brat buns. They looked like they would work well, but having over 200 buns was what I was worried about. I had a couple days to worry about what in the world I was going to do if the weather they were calling for was going to come? I wasn’t going to make it through half of those things! What was I going to do with 200 brat buns!

Of course the weather came and we didn’t go through 200 buns. So now we are working our way through them because I only got one person to take a few off my hands.

First meal, I fry up some bacon, had ranch spread on the buns and then the bacon and sliced cheese, baked them until the cheese was melted, and then added tomato and lettuce. They were delicious!

Next bun meal was pizza boats. Which are just pizza toppings on top of the buns instead of pizza crust.

BBQ chicken smothered in cheese on buns.

Philly cheese steak on buns.

And I am still working on making croutons! We love to just snack on them so I know those will go quickly! I am going to try to freeze the rest but they won’t last forever in the freezer. I made room for at least 100 buns so let’s hope they last because I am tired of sandwiches already!

Lesson learned though! Just do it myself!

Have a great day!

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