Part Two

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Oops! Sorry about leaving you hanging yesterday. You were probably up all night wondering how I made it out alive. Lol.

So just to recap, I was in the middle of a pasture facing up with a new momma cow who had just decided she was going to eat my lunch. She came at me with serious intentions, and just as we collided, I screamed and threw my hands in her face. (I’m so brave.) Well, my sudden burst of action and noise must have startled her, because she no more than hit me, then turned away. (Thank the Lord!)

Well, my screams also alerted my sweet, strapping, strong, manly husband who loped over the pond dam to rescue me…or so I thought. By the time Will got to me, the cranky heifer had retreated. And guess what, Will didn’t believe that I had just escaped a brush with death. I couldn’t believe he didn’t believe me! Am I the type of girl to over-exaggerate or become highly emotional about things? Do I get carried away and become overly dramatic? Oh, never mind. Don’t answer that. I guess I can understand how Will thought I might have been over-reacting.

But guess what happened next. That momma cow who had so rudely confronted me earlier, locked eyes with me again. This time, Will saw it and realized I had been in peril. He decided it would be best if I left the pasture. No sense taking any chances and I wasn’t about to argue. So I crawled through the fence and stood behind a hedge post and prayed the sweet heifer would forget about me. Well, she didn’t. She kept her eye on me and came to check me out more than once. I never felt so exposed in my life! That pasture was so big and the hedge post was so small. But God was watching over me and kept me safe.

Will finished moving the heifers by himself and we all lived happily ever after.

Whew! That was a fun little trip down memory lane.

Hope you have a great day!

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  1. Why do men never believe us? Dad would not believe one of his sows tried to bite me every time I put it back in it’s pen. I left it out on the floor one day to avoid the confrontation ( I was running late for French class). Dad tried putting her in and she bit him. Off to market she went.

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