Pea Green Soup! – By: Heather

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Every time I ask Joe what he wants for supper he says Pea Green Soup in a very cheery voice.

It always drives me a little crazy cause I really am completely out of ideas and would like to know what he realy wants to eat. I have never heard of Pea Green Soup myself so I just figured he was trying to push me over the edge. Which he did because one day I got tired of him not giving me an answer and looked it up and what do you know, it is an actual soup!

And that is what Joe got put at his spot for supper! The look on his face was priceless! He had no idea what I had put in front of him. He did take a bite, and since he doesn’t care for peas he decided he wanted what everyone else was having. And to think I went to all that work and he only took one bite! Lol

I havn’t got the answer of Pea Green Soup since! Knowing Joe he will come up with something else crazy just to continue to poke the bear (as Joe kindly says).

Don’t go poking any bears, you never know what you’ll get! Have a great day!

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  1. That is hilarious! As soon as I saw the title I knew Uncle Joe had got it! I would have loved to see his face! LOL!

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