Pictures from the Pasture

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Last blog you saw Matt, Abby, and Jacob getting ready to go gather the cows and move them to the beef center for preg checking.  Today, I’ll show you some pictures I got from the pasture!

When we got there, they boys got a plan.

And then it was time to hit the trail.

We had a minor detour when Duke decided to have some fun with his rider.

But Matt had it under control and he got all the kinks out before they had any real work to do.

Abby faithfully plodded along and opened the gate.

After arriving at the pasture with the cows, the horse crew set out to gather the cows.  Meanwhile, I sat on a hill and waited.

I was trying to capture a picture of the falling leaves.  They were sooo pretty falling and with the sun hitting them it was just perfect.  However, all I can see in this picture is just a bunch of random trees.  So, Aunt Bon, that’s the reason that there are so many pictures of trees on the camera.

Finally, a cow came into view and distracted me from the trees.

After the girls were grouped up, we headed to the Beef Center.

It’s such a satisfying feeling to watch all the cows file into their intended destination.

And then just for kicks, Abby and I decided to throw Ranger up on Buck! Thankfully, Buck didn’t mind an extra passenger.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and it felt like you were right there with us!  Check back next time for the final part of the morning!


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