Pop Can Fiasco by: Lindsay Hays

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I should really be writing a blog of when Papa Jim and Grammy were out here, but instead I’m writing to you about my pop can fiasco.  It all started after the bull sale with the left over drinks.  Mom and I had the job of trying to get them all to fit in the fridge out by the working chute.  I stacked them while Mom handed them to me.  I got them all stacked in there nice and neat with only a little fear of whether or not they would tip.  Anyone who has entered a stacking contest may realize now that this is not the best way to stack pop cans…

As you can see I was so proud of my accomplishment I took a quick picture.  I mean who can make them look that pretty right!?!  Well the funny part comes next…

Yesterday after branding and working cows Dad and Cody Moreshed decided they should relocate the fridge to a more practical location.  Makes sense right?  So I started moving a couple of things to make room while they start moving the fridge.  All of a sudden I hear a thud, thud, thud, clang, tumble, tumble, tumble.  “Oh no!”  Sprite, Pepsi, and water bottles go rolling all over the floor and under the chute.  “Whoops!”  Oh well.  So Dad and Cody got a calf halter to tie around the door to keep it shut the rest of the way.  I picked up the bottles and went to stick them back in the fridge…

I was a little shocked to see my nice neat fridge turned upside down.  Oh well.  I thought it was pretty funny that I had a picture of before, when it looked so pretty.  So I had to get an after picture!  I suppose this looks more realistic for a fridge in the working facility.  So in the end it’s probably better to stack the cans on their side, AND make sure the door is strapped shut before you attempt to move a refrigerator!

Anyway I thought it was a funny story that I might as well share!!!

Happy Monday!!!

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