Pouring Concrete by Heather Werner

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The other day Aunt Bon texted and asked if I had time to make it out and take pictures of the guys pouring the pillars for the new barn since she was busy helping Will. The kids and I had Joe leave the Kubota just in case I had a few extra minutes to make it out there. And if I had the choice between Joe walking out there or me, I pick Joe. And I didn’t think I would have time for the kids and myself to walk out there to take pictures, make dinner, get Ty ready for school, get nap time in and of course my quiet time that I think is the most important time of the day.
This is the first truck, they had to pour it in the concrete bucket (what Joe said it was called) so they could lift it to pour it in the form since the truck spout wasn’t high enough for a 5 foot pillar.

Uncle Clint got the job of opening the spout and getting it closed in time that it wasn’t over flowing.

Then he had to level in off to get it ready to set the bolts. Which we were there to take pictures of that, but the boys decided we would be a taxi service instead to bring them in for dinner since the truck went to get another load. So we ended up missing that part.

Brook is strapped to me by the way, and we didn’t want to take the spotlight from these three cuties. Or I just hate having my picture taken.

After nap time we made it back out and they were finished for the day. This may be as far as they get this year.