Pouring Concrete – By Heather

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Joe asked if it was really necessary to take pictures of them pouring?  Of course it is honey!  I thought it was funny the difference from this year to last.  If you look behind them, you can see the new barn and just how much more they did.

I mean really!  They were just standing there looking at this little hole like they weren’t sure just what direction they wanted to go.  Come on boys!  You should be pros by now.

Still thinking?????

There we go!  They figured it out!  Well, Clint did anyway. The other two still seem to be amazed!  Haha, just kidding boys!  You all do a great job!

Have a great day!


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  1. Looks like Jeannette and I painting. Takes a lot of studying and discussion (that is what we are calling it). We are getting it done.

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