Pouring Concrete

Bonnie LarsonUncategorized

Wednesday was the day to pour concrete for a couple new pens at the feed efficiency center. It was forecast to be a hot day with a heat index in the triple digits, so Dad, Clint, and Joe were thinking it was going to be a repeat of their previous experience pouring concrete this summer. (Which you should really ask them about.) However, it turned out to be a beautiful day with a nice breeze and plenty of cloud cover.

The first truck arrived and the fun began. We thankfully had lots of good help, so the day went pretty smoothly.

By eleven o’clock we were about half way done.

Then at the next to last load of the day, all the kids came home from school! They had an early dismissal and decided to come check our progress.

Plus, they wanted to put their hands in the wet concrete. The kids had some friends come home from school with them to go to AWANA and ball practice and such, so when it was all said and done, we had 14 prints. We almost needed a bigger slab!

It was a good feeling to see the last concrete truck pull out and see the freshly finished slab.