Pretty Flowers – By Heather

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A while ago, Grammy and I went to a greenhouse with Jake, Emma and Brook to get our plants and get ready to start gardening! This was before Easter. It just takes me awhile sometimes.

Jake and Emma picked out the flowers they wanted to plant, and we picked some out for Ty too. I told them they each could plant a flower but they were going to have to water and take care of them. I can’t usually keep flowers alive very long so I hope they do a lot better than I do!

So far they all look great! Emma chose Petunias; they are already starting to bloom!

Jake chose a Daisy; these may be my favorite! Jake loves to pick pretty flowers to give me, so we remind him to let these stay where they are so I can enjoy them outside!

Ty wasn’t with us while we went plant shopping so the kids picked out more Petunias for him to plant. They are getting big but have yet to bloom. He was a little disappointed, but then we compared his to Emma’s and he was happy with his being bigger!

If you have started planting I hope everything is doing well!

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