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So, did you figure out what these guys were looking at?

If you guessed they had located a distraught female (who very much resembled their mother/wife) who had accidentally fallen into a deep ravine, twisted her ankle, landed knee deep in mud, and was about to be attacked by a rabid grizzly bear, you would have nailed it. How on earth did you guess that? You perceptive readers, you.

Ok. Just kidding.

Actually, they had located a calf that needed treated. And since these calves were in the middle of a pasture, miles away from a chute, it was up to these cowboys to rope the calf and treat it.

Let me show you the cowboys…

I think they’re pretty special.

(Hmmm…I just realized these pictures were taken on different days. Hence the different clothes. You know, actually, I’m pretty impressed they have changed their clothes. Sometimes their mother/wife is a bit lackadaisical about laundry and they are forced to wear the same pair of jeans day after day.)

Okay, anyway, back to the task at hand.

Once the cowboys locate the desired animal. They surround him and say, “Stick your hands up!”

Just kidding.

They say, “We have you surrounded. You can give yourself up peacefully, or you can try to escape, and all heck will break loose.”

Just kidding. They don’t say anything at all. But I think they should. Wouldn’t that be more fun? Let’s pretend they said that bit about “We have you surrounded…”

Guess what this punk tried to do. I tell ya, they always think they can get away.

But these cowboys showed him.

“You can’t outrun the law, son. Can’t outrun the law.”

And in a matter of seconds, they have the suspect subdued.

And you know what, I actually forgot to take a picture of them treating the calf on that particular day, but here they are treating a calf on another day, so just pretend this is a picture from the original calf.

Anyway, these cowboys are getting pretty good at treating calves in the pasture. And it’s pretty fun to watch.

Not that watching is all I do. No sir-ee. You see that hand holding the reins of the rider-less horse? Yep. That’s me–perhaps the most indispensable and vital member of the whole operation. I mean, can you imagine what might happen if I wasn’t there to hold the horse and run a fake dialogue through my head? Mayhem, I tell ya. Pure mayhem.

Anyway, thanks for coming along with us to treat some calves.

Have a great day!

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