Quick and Delicious Breakfast Idea

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Breakfast is a big deal around our place. It has become customary to have a big, filling meal every morning before a game. And, as it seems like one of the kids has a game every single night of the week, we must have a game-day breakfast every morning. We must. We just must.

No sugary, syrupy goodness going on around this place. It’s gotta be bacon and eggs or some such variation each morning. So, I have had to come up with some different recipes just to keep the monotony from setting in.

And today, I thought I would share one of our favorites. In fact, it gets five stars. And to get five stars around here is quite an accomplishment because that means that every member of the family gives it an enthusiastic thumbs-up.

So here we go. It’s super simple.

To begin, take a package of King’s Hawaiian sweet rolls and slice them in half lengthwise. (I leave them in the box to do this.)

Then layer some ham and cheese slices on the bottom half.

(And you could get creative here and spread a sauce on the other half, but I don’t.)

Then fry up 6 eggs and put them on top of the cheese. We like our eggs over-easy, but that can get a bit messy, so I like to cook the eggs till they’re more than over-easy but less than hard.


Now you’re ready to set the top back on and pop them in the oven. I just put them in a 350-degree oven for however long it takes me to check my email and go wake up the kids…maybe 10 minutes?

Then just cut them apart an enjoy! (I serve them two-per-person and that works really well.)

I’m sure you could try many different variations of this and use bacon or scrambled eggs or maybe even add onions and peppers or something fun like that. But we like this plain and simple (and oh-so-easy) version.

Try these for breakfast tomorrow! You won’t be disappointed. I guarantee it. Unless you burn them, then I can’t guarantee anything. But you won’t. I have faith in you!

Have a great day!

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