Quick Trip to Grandma Lois’s by: Lindsay Hays

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Last weekend Aunt Bon, Aunt Heather, Jessica, Abby, Emma, Brook, and I went up to see Grandma Lois and Uncle Dave. It was going to be a fast trip, but we were all excited about visiting in the car and seeing Grandma and Uncle Dave. We made it to Lake City (that is the town that the nursing home is in) around 11:30 and ordered some pizza. We took lunch to the park that we played in last summer. Everyone (yes everyone) got some wiggles out before we went to visit!

Good times!!

Then the pesky old noon whistle went off which caused everyone to stop what they were doing and plug their ears.

I only got this picture while we saw Grandma and Uncle Dave. Whoops! But I thought this picture was precious! Grandma Lois and Brookie were having a fun conversation! Granma Lois was doing really well! We walked with her to Uncle Dave’s room and she wasn’t even shaky. Just popped out of her chair and went on her way. She did use a walker, but we were happy to report how well she was getting along!

Oh lookey here! Jessica got a picture while we were there too! Thanks Jessica!

We grabbed some ice cream before we left and miraculously…

We still took a nap!!

Have a good day!!!

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  1. So glad to see that your Grandmother is doing good and she really looks good. Looks like a very nice trip and bet she was really glad to see all of you guys.

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