Rainy Days

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I don’t know about you but rainy days are only good for when you are sick and the only thing you want to do is sit in front of the TV or read a book. When you have a week of rainy, cold, icky days there is just so much you can take being inside with 4 kids!

We did try the sit in front of the TV thing until it rained too hard we had no signal and the kids were getting cranky of watching a black screen.

They still gave mommy big beautiful smiles though!!

The girls painted our nails; Brook wouldn’t sit still so it was just Emma and I.

And I don’t remember how many puzzles we did but I was all puzzled out before the kids.

I found out on non-rainy days my kids apparently entertain themselves very well because I was out of ideas by 10 in the morning! But they are perfect nap days!

Hope you are enjoying these beautiful sunny days we are having!

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