The Recital Part II

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Before the recital began on Sunday, Ty picked up the Bible. I think he’s reading the Preface and seems to be deep in thought.

Aunt Beck interrupted him, but he was able to use his finger to mark his spot.

I just love that kid.

He was quite fascinated with the selection of hymnals and Bibles and examined all of them throughout the recital. But he did it quietly so that was fine by us.

The kids sat very well throughout the concert and seemed to enjoy the music. Especially when their cousins played!

But the most exciting part for them may have been when they got to go check out the aquariums. This is another highlight of the recital. And the kids remember the fish and start talking about checking them out even before they leave Beck’s house.

They are pretty cool fish, so I can see why they like them.

It just makes going to the recital all the more fun.

Have a great day!

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