Rhett’s Graduation!

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The night after Ashtyn’s graduation party was Rhett’s. We got to the building around 1:00 to start setting up.

Oh wait, it actually started before that… The day before we made about 60 pounds of “fancy” mashed potatoes, garlicy, cheesy, and bacony (not sure if bacony is a word) potatoes.

We had quite the crew working. Mom and Aunt Bon were inside boiling and the rest of us were out peeling. It really went fast. The whole mixing and mashing them took a little longer and each batch was a little different, but people seemed to enjoy them!

Ok. Back to the setting up… There was only one break down by Mom and Aunt Bon. It was thankfully short lived and the only one of the night!

Jessica and Abby were in charge of decorations, while Mom, Aunt Bon, and I worked on getting the food all set up and ready.

They looked to be having fun!

The man of the evening showed up and reviewed our designs. He oooed and awed as we told him was required. 😊 We all thought that it looked nice and had “Rhett” written all over it!

There were lots of pictures to look at!

Anna Catherine made the cakes for the party and they looked great! Hunting, football, and fishing are all of Rhett’s favorites.

There were lots of people who came by to help celebrate! And thankfully there was also lots of yummy food to be served.

Cody was the master cake server. However, by the end of the evening our cake server had somehow acquired a green tongue… Not sure how that could have happened. 😊

Here’s the other part of the front lines serving crew.

Then these guys plus Mom and Papa Jim worked all night behind the scenes.

There was lots of good food and fellowship that night, so I think overall it was a success. Aunt Bon has just about recovered from the whole ordeal. She is in no hurry to do it all over again with Matt though!

Have a good day!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all the fun pictures. Sorry that we could not stay for Rhett’s party but it was good to see everybody the night before.

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