Saturday Fun

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by: Lindsay Hays

Last Saturday, Mom, Grammy, and Aunt Heather went to a Ladies’ Day at our church. Abby, Ty, Jake, Emma, and Brook stayed at our house and we all played!

I had three little helpers while fixing a morning snack!

Then Jessica and Abby took Ty, Jake, and Emma outside. Brook and I stayed in the warm house and played.

Before lunch, we built a fort in the living room. It was pretty big. I was going to take a picture of it, but I never got the chance. After lunch came naptime. It was a pretty busy time! Long story short… (very short ☺ ), Jessica got Ty and Emma to sleep and I got Brook and Jake to sleep. Unfortunately not at the same time, but when they all woke up they were ready to play again.

Cody got back after lunch, and things started to get rowdy when everyone woke up from their nap! Abby, Ty, and Cody were the main ones. They would run around and try to catch each other.

Jake played with the prized cones, but he had to keep his eye on the crazy three.

Brook and I watched them all, and Jessica and Emma were outside playing and looking at the bottle calf. She really liked the bottle calf, Bo. In fact when she came in she wanted to tell me something so I sat down on the steps beside her and she said, “Bo likes me, Lindsay.” She is so sweet!

We all had a fun time with the little ones and I think all the adults enjoyed their little get away!

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