Saturday Morning Saddle Up

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A couple weekends ago, Matt, Abby, and Jacob went to gather a group of cows and take them to the beef center for Aunt Bon to preg check.  I decided to tag along with the camera.  About 5% of the time I was actually needed on the cattle drive, the rest of the time you could find me hanging halfway out of the side-by-side taking pictures.  Someone’s got to take the hard job.  😊

First, everyone caught their horse.

Then brushed them all off.

And then they threw the saddle on.

While the humans were hard at work, the dogs were taking advantage of some play time.

“Hmmmm, what is Maggie hiding?”  Ranger thought.

Let me just take a look.

Buck tried to intervene on Maggie’s behalf, but to no avail.


Then Abby and Jacob hooked the trailer onto the truck.

And it was time to load the horses.

And then they were off to gather the cows!

Check back next time for more pictures from the pasture!

Have a great day!

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