Scanning Trip by Lindsay Hays

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Last weekend, I talked Abby into taking a day trip with me to Nebraska. I thought it would be nice to have someone to chat with for the 10 hours of driving we would have. However…

A 10 hour car ride to Abby is a 10 hour nap in her mind. 😊

I will say she talked with me the whole way home… We had to save some good stories for the home stretch as it was getting later at night, and we were both getting tired.

Once we got off the interstate we were in awe of the scenery. Abby and I decided we could definitely live in Nebraska. (We were north of the Kearney area.)

We got there in time and had things set up with time to spare, which is always a good feeling. The breeder that we were scanning for knew both Mom and Aunt Bon. After she met us, she started calling us a mini Becky and mini Bonnie. 😊 Abby’s job was to keep the paperwork so that was very helpful!

And I’ll just throw this picture in to keep things real. Another of the many things twine can be used for… I think Abby’s message on the picture about sums it up.

On our way home we stopped at a Red Lobster for supper! It was a nice little treat. When we told Aunt Bon that our food arrived in like 3 minutes from when we ordered (seriously), she said they must have smelled us come in and tried to hurry us on our way. Whatever the situation was though, we were happy to get some Red Lobster biscuits.

We made a fun little girls’ day out of our scanning job! I think it’s great when you can make your job feel more like fun then actually work, and last weekend Abby and succeeded at that goal!

Enjoy the warm weather coming our way!

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