Selling Steers

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We sold a load of steers last week. And I have bragged about these guys before, but let me just do it again. Lol.

These guys did amazing! This big lunker right here weighed right at 1500 pounds…and he’s only 12 ½ months old! We ran a little experiment with our home-raised, Werner sired calves against a pen of regular old feeder calves from the sale barn, and our Werner-sired calves flat out smoked it. The Werner calves outgained the other calves by half a pound a day and converted at about a pound less.

Now that might sound Greek to you, but the bottom line is, the Werner-sired calves made about $200/head MORE than the other calves. That’s huge! And it really excites me as it shows our selection for growth and efficiency is paying off.

Okay. I’ll stop now. But if you’re looking for a bull who will add growth and efficiency to your herd, give us a call. We have just the ticket.

I’m really done now.

Have a great day!

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