Sending out the Flyers

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We sent out the bull flyers yesterday. And to send out the bull flyers, it is necessary for us to recruit the most qualified, most experienced, most capable staff we can find. It is a daunting search. We spend hours, days, weeks, searching for the just the right applicants.

And this year, we were lucky enough to find two young candidates that fit the bill perfectly.

Just look at the focus and determination these young ladies bring to the table. (Hee hee…get it, bring to the table.) I mean, the little squirt in the purple seems to be checking every envelope for the slightest imperfection. You can’t find help like that everywhere.

And the little quirt in red had the job of placing all the stuffed envelopes in a mound for the Label Placer. She couldn’t have made a more beautiful pile.

And before the day was done, we were blessed with two more willing hands. Just look at the neat stack of envelopes he’s created.

They say good help is hard to find, but we were lucky to have an abundance of it yesterday.

I hope everyone has a great day!

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