She Did It

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Abby caught her first calf yesterday!

And she didn’t catch just one, she caught several.  She told me she lost count after catching six.

(By the way, these are Larson calves.  I thought you might be wondering why Werner Family Angus had a cow with a white face.)

We had a lot of calves to tag, so we were thankful for the good help.

(We have fun tagging calves.)

The kids would rope the calves and then Will would tag them.

While Ty and I drove around in the tractor taking pictures.  (We were an essential part of the operation.)

Oh, and we had this handy-dandy pig carrier in case one of the mommas got upset that we were messing with her baby.  Thankfully, we didn’t have to use it much yesterday.  Although Ty thought it was a perfect place to take pictures.

And before we knew it, we were done!

Until next time…

Have a great day!

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