Simon Says

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Joe and Heather’s kids hung out with us the other night. And while they were here, we played a rousing game of Simon Says. As I was “The Boss,” I got to be Simon for quite some time. I love being Simon.

But after a while, I had to hand over my reign and let one of the young whipper snappers play Simon. Here’s how that went.

“Simon says…[pause]…um…Simon says…”

(It’s hard to think of something on the spot!)

“Simon says lick your elbow!”

I laughed. I knew that was an impossibility. But I went ahead and tried as did the rest of the participants. (You can go ahead and give it a try, too. No one’s looking:)

Then we looked over and saw that Jakey could actually lick his elbow! Now the picture above doesn’t quite show it (I was slow with my camera), but he can literally lick his elbow. He’s some kind of freak of nature. (In a good way.) Plus, he’s just pretty darn cute when he does it.

We were all amazed. A man of many talents.

Good luck licking your elbow and have a wonderful day!

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