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It snowed last night. Like a foot. Well, the official report was 11 inches, I believe, but I’m rounding up.

Let’s just do a little compare and contrast, shall we? This was Abby today…

This was Abby last week.

Will today…

Will last week.

This tree today…

This tree last week.

Our mowing machines today…

Our mowing machines last week.

We had to lay them off. They were extremely displeased. Number 7 here tried to file a complaint. But I showed him the terms and conditions of our grazing agreement where it specifically states that in situations of adverse weather, he would be asked to eat hay.

He marched right over, knocked me on my can, and stomped all over that grazing agreement.

Not really. But he wanted to. I could tell by the look in his eye.

Anyway, here’s hoping that by next week we are back to green grass and sunshine!

Have a great week!

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