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By Heather

The kids wanted to go out and make tunnels through all the drifts we got last weekend.  By the time it was warm enough to convince their warm-weathered mom to go brave the elements, it was perfect snow for a snowman!  At first the boys were completely into making the snowman, they each started rolling the biggest snowman parts. I wasn’t sure I would be able to move them.  They eventually realized this and stopped rolling.  Once we finished one they thought, why not build a whole family!  This is when the girls and I really got into it.  We already had daddy snowman built so we all set out to make our own.  I of course made a mommy snow person.  The kids set out to make their own personal snow kids.  Look how great they turned out!  They had to put on their own hats and made sure we put daddy’s cowboy hat on.  We tried to put carrots on for the noses, but Jake thought the read kids needed a snack instead!

Werner Snow Family!

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