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On Sundays after church and nap time the kids like to bum around and watch TV. I don’t mind letting them watch cartoons since I’m not watching it anyways, I like to read, and any chance they are quiet is a perfect time for me to fit that in (which doesn’t happen often). The problem with Sundays is Joe also likes to sit around and watch his movies, not cartoons. I found a solution! We had an extra TV lying around so I set them up by the kitchen and hooked up the DVD player so they could watch there cartoons there and Joe could watch his movies in the living room and it is quiet throughout the house so I can read my book. Everyone is happy!

And since they weren’t in the living room they could eat there snacks without me worrying about them spilling on the couch. Like I said, everyone is happy!

I hope everyone enjoys the big game this Sunday! If you have unhappy kids who do not want to watch the game this will solve your problem! And cookies always help!

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