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I don’t really have any coherent thoughts running through my head this morning (big surprise!) so I thought I’d just post some random shots.  At first glance, do you see Will or Rhett on the bald face horse?

It’s Rhett.

Hello, John Wayne, Jr.

Please don’t ever ride a different horse.  You two are the most photogenic duo on the ranch.

Well, hello, handsome.  How’s harvest going?

Speaking of handsome, have you ever seen anything cuter than my sweet nephew?!?

And finally, Mom and Dad have been out west for about 10 days and just got home yesterday.  They stopped at Beck and Craig’s on their way back from Reno and had a great time…even went dancing.  Lol.

So there you have it.  Random shots from the ranch.

Have a great day!

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