Spring Weaning 2016

Bonnie LarsonUncategorized

We finished weaning our spring calves today. Here, Dad is bringing the last group of cows to the barn so we can work the calves.

We wean over two days and it is an “All Hands on Deck” sort of week. We usually have a crew working in the barn and another group out in the pastures gathering all the cows.

This year, Ty and Jake got to help. It was their first time to get to help horseback, and these guys loved it. They went strong all day long. Well, they did take a little nap, but when they woke up, they wanted to get right back to work. We moved all the cows up to the barn where we sorted off the calves and worked them.

Mom filled the tattoo gun while Clint did the tattooing. Joe vaccinated and poured them while Marci or Ashtyn recorded the weights.

We then moved all the cows across the road to their pasture.

And all the calves across to theirs. Now here’s hoping they don’t get mixed and we have to do it all over again!