Spur-of-the-moment Party

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We had an impromptu party of sorts Friday night. At least that’s what Jake called it. (Though he didn’t use the word impromptu…he just said, “We’re having a party!”)

You see, Craig was able to come up Friday afternoon to preg check some cows and the whole Hays family came with him. We didn’t get a very early start as Craig had been scanning in Kansas most of the day, but around 5:00 we were ready for cattle.

And we just happened to find a couple cowboys fit for the job. Don’t you just wonder what those boys are grinning about? Here are my top three guesses: 1. Their ranch in Montana. 2. Something to do with Indians. 3. Girls.

Just kidding on that last one. They haven’t hit that stage yet. Lol.

And this is the last picture I took of the cattle. I wish I could remember to take a good picture of a baby calf on the ultrasound machine screen. I just love to see that at preg checking time!

Anyway, about 6:00 we decided we should just order pizza and save everyone the trouble of throwing something together when they got home. (I love decisions like that.) So Heather, Abby, and Jessica ran to town for pizza.

We got all the cows situated in the last bit of daylight and went in for supper.

(And please disregard Ty’s half-moon…that was unfortunate timing on my part. Sorry, Ty!)

It’s always fun to go in from working cattle and find a nice, hot supper waiting for you and lots of good company.

Our spur-of-the moment party was wonderful!

Have a great day!

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