Stay at Home Mom – By Heather

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Joe and I have conversations on which job is the hardest.  He thinks his is and some days I believe mine is.  Then there are days where he is out in the nasty cold weather and all my kids want to cuddle under warm blankets and watch a movie and I think it can’t get any better than this!

There may be days where I want to switch him jobs.  Like when it is nice and warm and one of the kids is sick and I am stuck inside.  Or even when it is cold outside but inside sounds like a stampede of elephants but they are having fun so you feel bad to stop them.  I could come up with a bunch of scenarios in which I could switch Joe jobs and Joe has days where he would rather stay inside then go out.  But I have decided that I have the best job, because I have four beautiful healthy kids that I get to spend my days with!  Even if there are days I feel like pulling my hair out or think, “I wonder what Aunt Bon is doing”, because I don’t think I can handle it anymore!  But most days I think of this picture and know how lucky I am!

The sun is shining!  I hope everyone has a great day!

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