Sunday Fun Day? – By: Heather

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This Sunday the kids, Joe and I went and cut and loaded wood to burn and keep us nice and warm for a couple weeks. I’m not sure I would have called it a “fun day” for our Sunday, but we were all together and the kids did enjoy helping. So all in all I had a great day, just may not be super excited to do it all over again when we run low on wood.

Most of the day, Joe’s job was to cut, I hauled the wood to the kids who worked together to get the logs stacked just right. They really did an excellent job! Ty and Jake even would get down and help me haul!

And this little girl I kid you not sat just like this, most the time with a smile on her face, and watched everyone move around her.

After we collected it from the timber we had to unload and Joe stacked it all nice and neat in the wood room. We found out the first go around that I hate to stack while Joe loves it! I do like that it gets stacked though, cause when it’s just thrown in there I feel like I’m playing a giant game of Jenga!

When all the hard work is done, for a couple weeks at least, it is nice to see this and be nice and warm!

I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying family time no matter how you spend it!

Have a great day!

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