Taggers In-Training

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Calving season is in full swing around the ranch. And yesterday evening we headed out to tag some Larson calves.

The kids have helped tag calves for years, but their job has been to rope the calves and stay on their horses while Will does the actual tagging. This year, however, Will decided it was time to teach the boys how to do it. (It’s not that he’s getting older or anything. That’s not it at all. He was just looking out for his boys and wanted to teach them another skill;)

Matt was pretty nervous/excited about learning how to tag the calves.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about it at first, too. Because every once in a while, there is a momma who does NOT want you messing with her calf. And I didn’t want my sweet sonny boy to be on the receiving end of that. (It’s completely different if it’s my husband on the receiving end. He’s a big, tough, manly man. But my baby?! No!)

But I’ll tell you, it almost made me tear up when I watched these guys work. Will is the best teacher/coach I know and he did such a great job explaining everything.

And before I knew it, Matt was taking the rope off…

And moving on to find another baby. That was fast!

The next momma kept a close eye on her baby. And I kept a close eye on the momma. We were going to tangle is she messed with MY baby.

But she was a good momma and Matt got along just fine and was done in no time.

Rhett got in on the action, too.

And I must say, he was a bit more exciting to watch, because his horse had not been roped off of before, so he wasn’t 100% sure about the whole process. But before long, he just stood there like a champ.

And thus ended Day One of “Training Taggers.”

Hope you have a great weekend!

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