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I sent my camera with Abby during our Werner Thanksgiving, and I couldn’t believe she captured my true emotions of the feast without even trying.

Here, for instance, is the happy/excited phase. You know, when everyone arrives, and the conversation is lively, and the house is bustling. The smells coming from the kitchen are intoxicating and the mood is just joyful. I get so excited. I love Thanksgiving!

Then it’s time to eat. Yes! The part I’ve been waiting for. I eat until I’m just slightly uncomfortable, which is when someone brings out the pies and desserts and I just can’t help but eat a little more. YUM! I love Thanksgiving!

Then I think, “Oh my, did I really just eat all of that?!”

Followed by, “I could just kick myself…why did I eat all of that? I feel miserable.”

But then, the conversation continues, and I rest a while and enjoy the day and pretty soon I’m feeling pretty good again.

And then someone mentions Christmas and I think about repeating the whole darn procedure again and I just get so excited I can hardly contain myself! “Did someone say Christmas?! I love Christmas!”

That’s pretty much how Thanksgiving goes for me, anyway. I love Thanksgiving! And Christmas! And anytime I get to spend with my family. We are so blessed!

I hope you all had a great day!

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