The Adventures of Wednesday

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By Heather

We got really busy around 3:00 in the afternoon; after nap time and after school got out. My kids and I were playing outside when Matt, Bradyn, and Abby brought Twinkie over for the boys to ride. As soon as they got there, Joe call and told me I should go out and take pictures of Clint, Marci, and Grammy working on the new barn. I recruited Abby to hold Brook while I had Emma so we could walk out and take pictures. Matt and Bradyn took the boys across the road to ride Twinkie in the arena.

When we got out to the new barn, Joe informed me he was on his way down to our place to watch them knock down the silo and if I wanted to watch it, I better hurry because they were waiting on him to start.

So I snapped a few pictures of the busy workers and flipped Emma to my back and Abby, Brook, Emma and I ran to load up the van and pick up the boys. The boys thought watching the silo being knocked down sounded like a great idea so they ran and jumped in the van.

I started to shut my door and realized one of the boys was lying on the ground. Now the day before, I had sent Matt home with a smashed finger and Abby home with a couple Band-Aids on her fingers. Well, Aunt Bon, I forgot to mention this when I was showing you the video, but now I may have sent Matt home with a goose egg and a possible chipped tooth. I am really sorry!

But, when we finally got to where we were going, I am sure Matt thought it was worth it. If I did the video correctly, and if you can hear it, the “Wow, that was really cool!” was Matt. So jumping in the van didn’t knock him completely silly! And the deep laugh is me, do I really sound like that? I hope not!

That was our very exciting but very busy couple of hours!

Hope everyone had a great day!

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